Friday, 10 November 2017

Another Last Post - and Castle Plans

I bumped into a chap from the British Legion in town today, and he told me that there would be another commemoration at the cenotaph at 6pm - so I went along, and I've just got back now.
This one was for a sergeant in the South Wales Borderers, who died on this date in 1917. He was 32, and he came from Dulas Terrace in Hay.

And while I'm thinking about being gathered around the cenotaph, Nancy Lavin at the Castle emailed to tell me that they're putting up a notice called a "stopping up order" through the month of November. This is not to stop up Castle Lane, but to open up the way from the Castle gates down into the square and redraw the parking bays accordingly.
Details of the plans are available at the Library.

And finally, I will be off line for the next week or so, as my Young Man is coming to visit.

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