Monday, 25 August 2014

Exhibition at Hereford Library, and Fire Engines

I wasn't only enjoying myself at the Flavours of Herefordshire Festival on Saturday - I also found time to visit the World War One exhibition at Hereford Library, where two little girls were playing at nurses in the military tent that had been set up in the exhibition space. There were lots of exhibits relating the war to the local area, too - Herefordshire was an important place for feeding the nation in a time of national shortages. There's a permanent exhibition of paintings by a local artist who served in the First World War (I'm afraid I forget his name) and I'm sure there were more paintings on display than there normally are.

And, back in the main square, the firemen were collecting signatures for their petition to keep both fire engines for Hereford. Because one fire engine really isn't enough for the city.

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