Sunday, 24 August 2014

Flavours of Herefordshire

I went into Hereford yesterday to get some new ink for my printer (so I can print off some of the photos I took at WorldCon). It seemed a bit quiet for a Saturday in August in the middle of town, but then a chap on the organic veg stall on the market in the middle of town told me it was the first day of the Flavours of Herefordshire Festival on Castle Green.
That's where all the people were, and what a lovely bonus to the trip it was!
The Castle Green was covered in tents and stalls, and there was a stage where music was being performed (two girls and a guitar when I was passing). One tent was a stage for celebrity guests - Mary Berry was there doing cookery demonstrations and book signings. Waitrose were there too, advertising their new shop in the Old Market. There were wood-fired pizzas and Afro-Caribbean food and coffee, and lots of tables and chairs out in the sunshine.
I wandered up and down the big U-shaped tent, taking it all in - the bread and meat and ice cream and chocolate and French garlic and jams and pickles and coffee and sausage rolls and biscuits and a stall full of handmade wooden trays and dippers and spoons and bowls that made the re-enactor part of my brain light up in appreciation. I bought some slices of layered pies, and a raspberry pavlova ice cream cone (I'm not a great fan of raspberries, but somehow in ice cream it's the taste of childhood!). I stopped by the Indian food stall and soaked up the scent of the spices.
Outside, I treated myself to a tshirt from Wye Valley Brewery - and one for my Young Man, for Christmas.
This is the third year that the Festival has been on - it's still on tomorrow, and well worth a look.

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