Friday, 29 August 2014

Going Round Some Strange Bends

There have been diversions on the roads around Hardwicke all week, as the roads are mended. It's been leading the buses up some very narrow lanes, and apparently, if you want to go to Hardwicke from Hay, you have to go all the way to Hereford and get a special shuttle bus back!
I've seen a couple of confused customers in the shop, who weren't sure where they were, and had taken a lot longer to get to Hay than they bargained for. It seems that Hardwicke is a real bottle-neck on the route to Hay from Hereford via the Golden Valley, and the only alternative routes are single track. Not very easy for a bus to get round.
I was thinking of going into Hereford again tomorrow - I still need printing ink that I can't get in Hay (the replacement cartridge didn't work either - if the next one doesn't work, I'll have to assume that it's the printer that's at fault). They may have finished the work on the road by then, but I'll take emergency rations along just in case!

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