Monday, 4 August 2014

New Rubbish Regime

New plastic boxes were delivered today to houses, such as mine, which had been using the plastic bags of various colours for their recycling. As it happens, the space I was using in my kitchen for storing the recycling is just about the right size for the new boxes, but I don't know how some other people will manage.
I now have a Red Box for plastic and cans, a Blue Box for paper and card and an Aqua Box for glass - this is quite good, because it means I no longer have to load up the old shopping trolley and go down to the recycling bins in the car park when I have too many beer bottles. I already have the Green Box for food waste.
There's a handy little leaflet in English and Welsh to tell me what I can put in my new boxes - I'll be putting that up on the kitchen wall.
Just one thing bothers me - what on earth am I supposed to do with the rolls of plastic bags that the County Council supplied me with?

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