Friday, 17 July 2015

A New Camera (Sort of)

One of the errands I was doing on Saturday (which cut into valuable drinking time) was to buy a new camera.
I got the one I've been using second hand from Jo Eliot, which has been taking photos for the blog all this time, but when I went out to take a picture of Tomatitos the other day with all the plaster off the walls, it finally stopped working. I tried changing the batteries, taking the memory card out and putting it back.... Nothing worked, and there it was, stuck with the lens half way out.
So I thought I'd have a look for a brand new camera.
There's a little camera shop in Hereford, and they showed me something very nice, but the bottom end of the range was £100. They said there's not a lot of demand for basic "point and click" cameras any more, because that sort of picture can be taken on phones now.
That was a little bit above my budget, so I went round the corner to Argos. The cheapest camera they had was £49.99 - but I really needed someone to explain to me what the different features were, technologically challenged as I am.
So I went up to Cash Generator, the second hand shop, and a lovely girl came to help me. She said she'd only been working there three days, and she was brilliant! We had a look at a little Nikon, and she demonstrated how it worked, and we talked about batteries and memory cards. The camera body was only £20. She had a sale!
I took the memory card out of the old camera, and it seems to work fine - better than the old one, in fact. It even makes a little camera shutter noise when you take a picture! I'm about to go out to play with it now.

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