Friday, 3 July 2015

We're Having a Heatwave....

It's been Too Darn Hot in Hay this week, and my evenings have been busy.
It was another good night at Baskerville Hall on Wednesday, made a lot more lively by a group of young women on some sort of teambuilding holiday. At least two of them were Irish, so a lot of Irish songs were sung while they danced and waved tambourines (sometimes at the same time).
On Thursday, a pianist was seen in Hay, steering his grand piano round the streets! Some of the children from Hay School were singing with him. He may possibly be back next week, I've heard. If he is, I hope I get to see him.
On Thursday evening I was in the Swan Hotel, embroidering a picture of a badger while the other ladies of Stitch and Bitch knitted and crocheted.
And today it was Alice in Wonderland's 150th Anniversary, so Rose's Bookshop have the wooden cutout of Alice, with the White Rabbit, in their window, borrowed from our local Alice expert Edward Wakeling (whose new book is available, signed, on the counter of the Cinema Bookshop).

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