Sunday, 19 July 2015

Coming Up for Air Farewell Arrivederci Gig

When I got home from the day in Hereford, I passed Melanie from the Poetry Bookshop setting up a little gazebo on the grass outside the library. She was getting ready for a musical evening - the musician was leaving to go to Taunton, apparently, and wanted to do a final gig in Hay before he went. He's Italian, hence the "Arrivederci".
So I went back a bit later on to listen, glass of Pimms in hand, with a small band of Chris and Melanie's friends and neighbours.
I never did catch the chap's name, nor that of his fellow musician who was accompanying him, but they were very good, and he sang in English, Italian and Spanish over the evening.
Having been gorgeous weather earlier in the day, of course it turned cold in the evening, but it was still a good evening, and thanks to Melanie for inviting me.

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