Thursday, 9 July 2015

Council Meeting - Toilets, Gwernyfed School, British Legion

The Town Council are advertising for an admin assistant to work for ten hours a week - they're pretty flexible about which ten hours, though the successful applicant would need to be on hand to take minutes at some evening meetings. They haven't had any actual applications yet, but a couple of people have made enquiries. The closing date for applications is next Monday.
Meanwhile, the new arrangements for the toilets at the craft centre seem to be going reasonably well. There have been a few complaints - there have been a couple of blockages which need to be sorted out, which appears to be Welsh Water's responsibility. The Tourist Information office have been given a contact phone number because they're the ones who seem to be getting people coming in if they have complaints.
A group from Ceredigion Council will be coming to Hay shortly to look at the toilets and see if they want to hire the company which did the work for their own toilets.
The work on the toilets by the Clock Tower is continuing, and should be finished in another two weeks (much to the relief of the bookshops on the other side of Broad Street - people haven't been going in to them because they can't be seen from the Pavement at the moment).

There was a meeting at Gwernyfed School a couple of weeks ago, attended by representatives of all the local councils in the area. There was lots of support for the school at the meeting - nobody wants it to close.
So the next step should be a public meeting, possibly at Hay School, to let everyone know what's happening so far. Rev. Charlesworth, the head of the school governors, would be available to speak at the meeting.
Steve Like suggested that, if there's going to be a meeting about schools, it should include the latest information about Hay School. And it would be useful to be able to get someone from the County Council to come down to explain what they're doing.
It was decided, after much debate, that it would be too confusing to have one meeting about both schools. One issue is a school being threatened with closure, and the other issue is a new school building, and they should be kept separate.

The British Legion are holding an event on the Town Square on 2nd August:

The councillors are invited, and it was suggested that the Recycling Fund could pay for the reception. The Town Square will be closed for the ceremony, which normally costs £260, but the County Council will be approached to waive the charge on this occasion, as it's a national event.

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