Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pigeon in the Hospice Shop

There was a brown and white pigeon strutting around just outside the door of St David's Hospice shop when I went in - I nearly had to step over it to get in. The lady behind the counter said it had been hanging around for several days, and kept trying to get inside to peck at the crumbs on the mat.
A few minutes later, it got a bit further into the shop than it had bargained for!
The shop has a resident cat, a sweet little thing - who remembered she was cousin to tigers and grabbed the pigeon by the back of the neck.
Feathers everywhere.
The lady behind the counter grabbed the cat, who let go of the pigeon, who flew into the window. A customer scooped up the pigeon and let it fly out of the door.
It may think twice about coming back.

A few minutes later, I was over the road telling the chap at Goosey Ganders that he'd missed all the excitement.
"I was feeding that pigeon!" he said, with horror, and shot off to the St David's shop to make sure that it wasn't dead.

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