Sunday, 3 January 2016

Community Impact Assessment for Gwernyfed School

I've copied this over from the Hay Together Facebook page - since I'm a bit technically challenged, it's probably better to have a look there for the form itself, or contact the school or County Council directly. The closing date for return of the forms is 11th January:

"Here's the detail courtesy of Rob from Beer Revolution:
Powys County Council is looking at ways to reorganise secondary education in the Gwernyfed catchment. At this stage, all options are being considered with a view to forming a draft proposal in the early part of 2016. As part of this process, Gwernyfed High School has offered to collate and send draft community impact assessments to Powys County Council by 15th January. They have offered to do this work for PCC so they can see what would happen in this geographical area.
For the purpose of the Community Impact Assessments we have to assume there will be no Gwernyfed High School on the site.
Please be clear that PCC are still looking at all options and NO decision has been made.
If you feel your family, community group, club, association, business would be affected by the closure of Gwernyfed High, we would be grateful if you could complete the attached questionnaire - please make your voice heard.
A couple of online news stories help illustrate how businesses, for example, might be affected by the closure of a local school.…/13250204.School_closure_wi…/…/fears-over-new-sch…

Please answer as fully as you can - but if you really can't answer something feel free to skip it.
If you have any queries please contact the school via email at or ring 01497 847445.
Please send completed questionnaires to if possible by 11th January.
Groups are also able to write directly to . Please forward a copy to the school also.
Thanks in advance for your help,"

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