Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Learning about Stagecraft

Last week, at the acoustic evening at Baskerville Hall, Huw Parsons mentioned that he was going to be teaching a course shortly at the Muse in Brecon and the Globe in Hay. It's called Research, Rhyme and Reaction, and will include learning about stagecraft - how to perform your poetry, or whatever else it might be, more effectively. The course will be in four parts, and will be coming up in March.
Huw was performing some of his poems about Breugel paintings - and waxing lyrical about the museum in Vienna which has the best collection of Breugel paintings in the world. He also brought a book, so we could all see the paintings he was referring to (there's a man in the peasant wedding picture who has three legs! I'd never noticed that before).
We also had a tribute to the Eagles, as a member of the band, Greg Frey, is another musician who has died recently, lots of ukeleles (including a Bob Marley tribute song called No Oven, No Pie), and one song celebrating evenings at the Baskerville, and mentioning several people who were there (including me!).
Our usual compere, Bob, couldn't be there, so he asked me to take over for the night, and I had a great time doing it, starting off the evening with the theme from the Muppet Show (slightly disguised - I didn't want to call the performers Muppets, so it became "musicians at the Baskerville tonight"), Lily the Pink in Latin to follow on from Down at Baskerville Hall (it's on Youtube), and we finished up the evening with Show Me the Way to go Home.
Bob will be back in charge this Wednesday.

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