Friday, 15 January 2016

Council Meeting - Walking Festival, Honours and Fire Stations

It would appear that the Tourism Group no longer exists - they were the ones who organised the Walking Festivals that happened in October for a couple of years - there was no Festival last year, though. Dave, of the History Group, conducts walks along the old railway line, and is interested in re-starting the Walking Festival this year. He's asked for Council support, which they were happy to give. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

An official letter has come round to ask local councils if they have any nominations for next year's New Years Honours list. (This is the sort of thing that should go up on the Council website, when it's finally up and running).

And the Council have also been asked if they would like to hear a presentation about fire stations in South Powys. The councillors thought this was an excellent idea, but they want to write back to ask if the presentation can take place at the fire station, so they can also have a look at what equipment the local fire service has, and what they might need.

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