Monday, 28 March 2016

Hurrah for the Hay Ho Bus!

I'm back from a brilliant weekend at Mancunicon, the Easter Science Fiction Convention in Manchester - and I couldn't have done it today without the Hay Ho bus. If it didn't run, I'd have had to get a cab from Hereford (more expensive than the train fare to Manchester) or stayed an extra night in Manchester (also rather expensive, even in a budget hotel!).
So the train came in shortly before 4pm, and at quarter past four the last bus of the day set off from the bus stop by the railways station, with a good group of passengers. One old chap had been swimming - 22 lengths. He's eighty, not long out of hospital, and very glad to be active again. And there was a South African girl who now lives in Hay, which reminded the old chap of being in Cape Town at the time Christian Barnard performed the first successful heart transplant.
A little further along the route, a girl wanted to get to Talgarth - which used to be possible on the Sunday/Bank Holiday bus. She decided to get to Hay and call her friends to pick her up from there.
The nice thing about the Hay Ho bus is that everybody chats, including the driver - or at least, they have every time I've travelled on it, and there seem to be a group of regulars who see each other on the bus every week.
Long may it continue!

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