Friday, 18 March 2016

These Boots were Made for Cosplay

My favourite boots fell apart yesterday. I'd noticed that the heels had worn down, and I intended to take them to the cobblers to be re-heeled - after I'd worn them as part of my Tardis engineer costume at this year's EasterCon. Then I noticed the way the top part had come away from the sole, leaving a three inch long gap. Rachael at work suggested UHU and pegs to stick them back together again, but I decided the time had come to take them down to the recycling bin in the car park, and find a new pair.

Of course, I was doing this just as all the shops in town are changing over to summer fashions, so there were a lot of sandals, but not many boots.
In a corner of Golesworthy's, though, there was a sale shelf, and one of the pairs of boots there was in my size - so I now have a lovely pair of black boots, with laces up the back, in real leather. My Tardis engineer will look fantastic!

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