Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ticket Holders Only for Schools Meetings

Powys County Council has announced the dates for the public meetings to discuss the plans to close/amalgamate the county's secondary schools - and has said that entrance to the meetings will be by ticket only. Tickets can be booked through the council website at The meetings will also be filmed and available on the council website.
The meeting for Brecon will be on April 19th, and for Gwernyfed on 20th April at 6.30pm. The consultation runs from April 6th to May 23rd, and the tickets for the meetings will be available from 6th April.
It's important to comment on the plans, even for people who have commented before - previous comments will not be carried over to the new consultation, and if members of the public don't repeat what they've said before, the council will assume there are no objections. To comment, go to
Rev Charlesworth has suggested that the meeting for Gwernyfed should be held at the school, where they can accommodate an audience of 900, but this has been rejected by the County Council. He also suggested that the school should handle the tickets for the meeting. As it stands, only people with access to a computer will be able to book a ticket, and the numbers will be limited. The County Council are claiming that this is due to Health and Safety.

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