Friday, 11 March 2016

More From the Council Meeting

The councillors have agreed to accept £30,000 from Persimmon for the easement - which is the building of a pipe through the old railway bank for drainage. However, there is still some discussion over the size of the pipe. The council want it to be big enough for future needs, and Persimmon are arguing that they can't predict future needs, so are only prepared to put in a pipe which will accommodate present needs - and any future developers on that side of the railway bank will have to sort out their own drainage problems.

Meanwhile, there are still issues with traffic coming from Gypsy Castle, and though the County Council Traffic Department have been contacted, nobody has been willing to come to Hay to discuss the matter with the local councillors.

There was more discussion about re-siting the recycling facilities into the cattle market car park, and some worries about the rising costs quoted by Healthmatic for the toilets. They also agreed that there should be better awareness that there actually are night toilets at the craft centre.

The meeting at the Fire Station was a success, and there are no plans by the Fire Service to move the boat from Hay. At the moment, the Fire Brigade need to replace their landrover, and would appreciate help with the cost. They are also working on a young fireman scheme, to attract youngsters into the service.

When it got to the planning applications, several councillors didn't like the design of the awning that Shepherds want to put up over their outdoor seating area, and want them to go away and re-think it.

Finally, as the Council meeting was breaking up, Nigel the Town Clerk was talking about a homeless man who had come to him the previous week, who he had tried to help. He said he was on the phone for about an hour trying to find help for the man, who had been sleeping rough in the area. The County Council suggested he try going to Swansea to find a shelter! They had no other useful advice to give.
Finally, Nigel got onto Hereford, where he found a shelter which was willing to take the man in if he got there by 9pm, and they promised him a bed, a meal and a social worker in the morning.
I hope he made it.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure that Shepherds have the right to attach an awning to the end of what I think is a Grade 2 listed building. And anyway, they've got the big umbrella sunshade things for the summer, so an awning really isn't needed. It would be a bit of an eyesore as well...

Hay resident said...

This area used to be very pleasant with a couple of seats for locals and visitors to sit on and enjoy the town Shepherds seem to have taken this over and ruined the facility for locals and visitors alike. An awning is just giving Shepherds even more control of an area that should be for public use. I am shocked that the council even allow Shepherds to use this area most of the time.

Eigon said...

As I understand it, the area is owned by the Cheesemarket, and leased to Shepherds, so the Council has no authority over it.

Hay resident said...

Thanks Eigon for letting us know who the owner is. No doubt with Shepherds being involved with the cheese market that is why they have the use of the paved outside area. A shame for the locals and visitors.