Monday, 25 April 2016

Books from Peevish Bee

Huw Parsons has been both writing and collecting - and publishing the results as e-books, on Amazon Kindle.
A Clyro Diary - 2016 is both his thoughts on the news of the day and his daily life in Clyro, and trips into Hereford, with the people he meets and some of the poetry that the news and the meetings inspired.
Very Rev is available as an Amazon Kindle download, and includes seventy seven poems that Huw has written over the last four years or so, ranging from a pen portrait of a vicar to his thoughts on a court case where he was a member of the jury. Some of the poems have been performed at Baskerville Hall's acoustic evenings.
Huw said I could quote from his work - but it's impossible to choose. So I'll just recommend the poem about Penywyrlodd Long Barrow and the companion to it, Skulldiggery, and the one about the Battle of Pilleth, and the one about How the Light Gets In (the Festival at the Globe which is on at the same time as Hay Festival), the difference between being six and sixty and the Ballad of Clyro, My Beautiful Lady Alice (about the font at Eardisley Church), Reasons to be Cheerful and Hunters in the Snow, which is all about one of Breughel's most beautiful paintings, and the one about the Victorian workhouse. There are poems about stars and freezing winters, a long forgotten battle on the Begwns near Clyro, an adder on Egdon Heath and refugees in Calais. There's the lovely 'Somerset and Dorset' Remembered, about a long lost railway line, and one about an ancestor of Huw's fighting in the Monmouth Rebellion. One is about learning to drive with his dad, and another about David Bowie's death.
It's a collection well worth having!

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