Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Keep - A New Literary Magazine

One of the things that was discussed at the social media evening last week, which I couldn't quite fit into the post about the evening, was the launch of a new literary magazine. It's called The Keep. There'll be a Festival event, at 8.30pm on Friday 27th May at Booths Bookshop, called Genius of the Marches, and a launch party the following evening (also at Booths) at 6pm on the Saturday evening.
It will feature writing and photography from the Welsh Marches (and we do have a lot of talented people in this area!) and will come out twice yearly. It's run by a CIC, so it's non-profit making, and exists to support Hay and the surrounding area. Antoine, who was at the social media group, is their "web wizard", and contributers include Jasper Fforde and Jenny Valentine, Oliver Balch and Owen Sheers, all local novelists.
They have a website at www.thekeepmagazine.com.

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Antoine Mouquod said...

Thanks Lesley for mentioning the Keep :)

The event on the 27th is not at Booth, it's on the Festival site. It could be more explicit on the website, I'll amend that today.
Here is a link to the event on the Festival's website: http://hayfestival.com/p-10761-the-keep.aspx