Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Gwernyfed School Round-up

I got Wye Local a few days ago, and couldn't help but notice all the columns mentioning the proposed closure of Gwernyfed High School: the first page editorial from Lisa Marie, News from Glasbury Ward by James Gibson-Watt the county councillor, News from Talgarth by William Powell AM and county councillor, Kirsty Williams AM, Chris Davies MP, and every single one of them is against the proposals and wants to keep Gwernyfed High School.
And today in the B&R I saw that Brecon Town Council are also against the plans, not because of the closure of Gwernyfed particularly, but because the County Council wants to take Welsh provision away from Brecon, as well as the sixth form. They'd like a new school building, but not on those terms.
So who, exactly, are the people who want the changes to secondary schools, when no-one who actually lives in the area seems to agree?

[edited to add] Oh, and since the consultation period was supposed to be starting today, the County Council didn't get it together to have any information on their website about it this morning, including the information for how to book the tickets for the public meetings. Then they said it would be ready by 1pm....

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