Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Loose Leaves by Huw Parsons and Friends

What a lovely, relaxed recording!
This is Huw Parsons reading some of his poetry, in the company of a variety of local musicians - Rob Lee, David Cooper Orton and John Eyre on guitar, Mike Jenkins on harmonica, Di Asplin on cello, Bob Evans on drum, Gordon Wilson on bass viola da gamba, Cornelia Rahdes on harpsichord, Graham Hick on percussion, Thomasin Toohie on flute and tin whistle.
Some of the tracks are live, recorded at Baskerville Hall and the Hayloft above The Long Valley Bar in Cork and others were recorded in St Michael's Church in Clyro (by kind permission of the vicar) and it's just a pleasure to listen to. I've heard Huw perform some of the poems, like Our Friends from Overseas and The 'Somerset and Dorset' Remembered, at acoustic evenings at Baskerville Hall, so it's nice to have a permanent copy of them.
The CD is available from Huw at www.peevishbeebooks@yahoo.co.uk

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