Sunday, 28 January 2018

Hay Castle Newsletter

The Winter Newsletter for Hay Castle Trust is out, and they're wrestling with the knotty problem of tenders for the contractors for work on the Castle. They're trying to keep costs to a minimum while striving for high quality work, and they're hoping it will all be sorted out shortly.
Meanwhile, they've received grants from the Waterloo Foundation and the Santander Trust - the Santander grant is specifically for traditional building skills. The Trust is also keen to mention that it is possible to leave a legacy to the Castle in a Will. They are also looking for new Trustees to administer the charity.
And they have a leaflet out - in fact, it's been available round Hay for a while now. Called 10 Facts About Hay Castle, it talks about the main sources of grants for the renovation work, and what they want to do with the building when work is completed, including a viewing gallery at the top of the Norman keep, exhibition and education spaces, bookshop, reading room and café.
They also want to continue to hold weddings in the Castle, to generate income.
They've also been holding a Boot Camp on the lawns - Jo Lord is running a fitness course every Tuesday evening with the Hay Runners!
The historical research is continuing, too, as they investigate the different building periods of the castle fabric. The earliest section is, of course, the Norman Tower and gateway, with the Gwynne Mansion overlooking the town as the main building - but between the two is the remaining part of the Boyle Mansion, built at a slight angle to the Gwynne Mansion and squeezed in next to the Norman Tower. James Boyle was Sheriff of Hereford in 1587, and somehow gained the lordship of Hay - the Gwynne mansion was built around 1640.

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