Saturday, 27 January 2018

Oriental Miscelleny at Booths Bookshop

I don't often go to the Hay Music evenings, but the one coming up on 20th February sounds fascinating!
Jane Chapman will be playing harpsichord and Yu-Wei Hu will be playing flute for an evening of Indian music arranged and adapted by William Bird. Published in Calcutta in 1789, it was the first time Indian music had been written down in Western notation from live performances, and it started a trend for Hindustani Airs.
Jane and Yu-Wei will also be talking about the people who collected and transcribed the music, giving a sense of the cultural background in India at the end of the eighteenth century through the diaries and letters of accomplished women.
Jane Chapman is professor of harpsichord at the Royal College of Music, and Yu-Wei Hu performs on baroque and classical flutes throughout Europe. She's also been to Hay before, in 2016 - that time she was accompanying Swedish guitarist Johan Lofving as the Flauguissimo Duo.

Tickets are £14.00, and the concert starts at 7.30pm.
A pre-concert supper is also available at the Bookshop CafĂ© at 6pm, costing £15.00, and there will be a pre-concert discussion at 4.30pm at the Granary, which is free. The musicians will be joined for this discussion by Dr Katherine Butler Schofield of Kings College, London, who is a recognised authority on the historical and social background to Anglo-Indian musical collaboration.

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