Saturday, 24 February 2018

Car Accident

I was over at Baskerville Hall on Wednesday as usual, for a wonderful evening of acoustic music. A group of people who mostly played folk music came to join in - they'd travelled an hour and a half to be there!
So we were heading for home feeling very cheerful until we saw flashing lights on the road near Radnor's End, at the top of the long hill down to Hay Bridge.
Police car.
And after the police car, another car, and a van or tall car lying on its side.
And after that another police car, with officers on the road to guide traffic round the scene of the accident.
We didn't see anyone other than the police there, so I don't know what happened to the drivers of the cars. Presumably, if ambulances were needed, they'd been and gone.
And in the morning, the road was clear, so the vehicles involved had been taken away some time after we went past.

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