Thursday, 15 February 2018

Nat West Changes its Opening Times Again

Today was the day for the Nat West van to come to the front of the Cinema Bookshop for an hour - their replacement service for the branch they used to have in town. One of the staff came into the shop to ask us to put up a sign, because they will be changing the times they come to Hay from the middle of March. From 16th March, they will be coming on a Friday, instead of a Thursday, and for only three quarters of an hour (12.15 to 1pm) instead of a full hour.
They said this was because they were not getting enough customers, but there was a queue waiting for them when they parked up, and at least one customer in the van for the whole hour, according to my colleague who was watching through the window.
One of the customers I spoke to had come to use the van because they have a business account, and we both wondered what small businesses were supposed to do when they have cash to bank - you can't do that online.
It hasn't helped that they have changed the times they come more than once already, adding to customer confusion, and last week they were down at the Clock Tower instead of outside the Cinema Bookshop, also adding to confusion as more than one person turned up at the bookshop wondering where they were.

My colleague has had what I think is a brilliant idea. Wouldn't it be great if the three banks who used to serve Hay had got together to share a building, where they could each have a separate till? I'm sure that would be easily manageable with modern technology.


John Price said...

At the moment unless the time is changed>

A NatWest local point of contact is in the Hay council offices 11:30am to 2:30pm

Here to help and support you with:
* staying safe and secure online
* making you aware of all the alternative ways to bank
* supporting you with community educational events to help make you financially fitter

Leaflets for the above available in the council offices

They have been there since October for advice, not for transactions though.

Eigon said...

Thanks - that's interesting, because we didn't know that at the Cinema Bookshop. Is it every day, or just Thursdays?

John Price said...

Sorry, I forgot to write that it's currently Friday