Saturday, 17 February 2018

Hay Vouchers

The Chamber of Commerce recently sent out an email to say how the Hay Voucher scheme is doing so far.
To quote them: "The EPIC steamroller of success that is Hay Vouchers is unstoppable right now!"
So far, £22,360 worth of Vouchers have been sold.
Of that, £14,800 worth of Vouchers have been spent in the 69 local businesses taking part in the scheme.
That leaves £7,560 in Vouchers that haven't been spent yet.

Hay Vouchers are available from Pughs/Londis, or from the Chamber of Commerce, and are easy to use. There's quite a lot of admin behind the scenes, done by the team at Pughs, but for the person buying things with the vouchers it's just like using cash.
The beauty of the scheme is that it keeps money circulating within the local economy. Money spent in local shops tends to be spent on local things, as well as paying wages for local people. Money spent in multinational chains disappears out of the local economy into the pockets of distant shareholders.

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