Sunday, 11 February 2018

Council Meeting - Cycleway, Finances

Yet again, Hay Council has a vacancy, as David Gittins has resigned. He was also the chair of the Sports Pavilion committee, so the council urgently need someone to fill that post - the AGM is in a few days time!
The swimming pool also needs a councillor to sit on their committee.
And on the subject of volunteers, Dial-a-Ride are looking for more drivers, too.

There was also some discussion of a cycleway from Brecon to Hay, running through Glasbury. The idea was originally that it should follow the old railway line, but that's not really feasible, as in some places the railway line route is no longer there - under the Old Railway Line nursery, for instance. However, Sustrans are interested in finding a route - and if it passed beside the Old Railway Line, they could benefit from the passing trade.

Gareth Ratcliffe had grim news about the finances of the County Council, which will mean council rents rising by 4.5% - which will have a big impact on council tenants' budgets. The County Council had to borrow £10.5 million last week to pay wages (they say not to worry, as they often have to borrow until the new financial year, but £10.5 million seems an awful lot).
At the same time, adult social care and children's care have serious problems across the county.
Gareth said that there is not much left in Hay to fight for(he's done his best!) so he's turning his attention to things he can fight for over the whole county.
Meanwhile, the National Park is cutting the numbers on its committee from 23 to 18, meaning that Powys County Council will lose two seats on it.

On a brighter note, there is now a new development officer for the Bronllys Wellbeing Park, and they now have an office on site.
And there have been more bookings for the flat over the Cheesemarket, which brings in income financing their fund to benefit the town.

And then the council had something they wanted to discuss without the public being present, so Gareth and I went home!

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