Saturday, 14 May 2022

Unveiling the King

 I was up at the Honesty Gardens, just before 11am, for the ceremony of unveiling the statue of King Richard.

There was a pretty good crowd in the gardens, including Tim the Gardener, who had wandered in to look at the books, and came away with an Oxford edition of Studies of Dante.  I saw him sitting outside the takeaway next to the Haymakers later, reading it.

John the local film maker had his camera set up to record the event for posterity, and Kelvyn was there to sound a fanfare on his bugle.  The sculptor, who I think was called Penny Chandler? was also in the audience.

There were speeches - I think the first speaker is the new director of the Castle, and the second speaker was one of Richard Booth's Cabinet in the early days of Hay Independence.  He gave a brief outline of Richard's career and how he put Hay on the international map.  There was also a message from Hope Booth, who could not be present. 

I was so busy listening to the speeches that I missed the moment when the statue was unveiled!

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