Thursday, 3 July 2014

Baskerville Hall - Lean on Me

Over the river to Clyro again on Wednesday night for the music night, and there were some good singers and players there again, including a lad with a flute. The musical styles ranged all over the place, from Irish jigs to sea shanties to Sixties protest songs (we all belted out The Times They Are A'Changing). Also there was a rude song about rhubarb!
In the next room there was a group of young football players - a strictly non-alcoholic meal, though some of them did come into the bar later for soft drinks. As they were getting up from their meal and drifting through to the front hall, past the open door of the bar, we were singing Lean on Me, and one of the footballers, a good looking black lad, stopped to join in the chorus. We tried to get him back to sing some more, but he came over all shy!

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