Monday, 28 July 2014

International Music at Baskerville Hall

"It's in the key of ... arrr."
"Is it a pirate song?"

It was another good evening at Baskerville Hall last Wednesday. Two German girls came along, one of them with a harp - she played some Scottish folk songs while her friend played guitar and sang a song in Russian. The couple who I had thought were German were there again - it seems they are actually Israeli. The lady would have liked to have played piano, but the nearest piano in the building is half way up the grand staircase.
One little girl sang Manic Monday while her dad played guitar, and there was another young family - one of the boys played guitar and his sister played flute. After a while, the youngest sister was persuaded to get her violin, and they played a jig together. So there was a lot of variety - and it's great to see all age groups joining in together.

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