Friday, 4 July 2014

Beer and History

I've just realised that next weekend will be something close to perfection for me!
It's Hereford History Day on Saturday - I've been along to that for several years now, with Drudion, the re-enactment group I belong to. I usually go in full costume on the bus, carrying a big basket with all my spinning and weaving equipment.
This year the focus is much more on the First World War, so 13thC Welsh mercenaries don't quite fit in! However, I thought I'd still like to go as a member of the public, so I'll be wearing an Edwardian outfit for the day, complete with a solar topee - just back from the Raj, you see!
At the other end of town, the tenth Beer on the Wye will be in full swing down by the Rowing Club - so this year I can do both on the same day! Normally, I wouldn't be drinking while re-enacting. If I keep in character, I should be looking out for interesting IPAs (that's India Pale Ales, which were originally brewed for the British in India).

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