Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Return of the Car Boot Sales

Due to popular demand, the Wye Local and Hay School have started running car boot sales again on the first Saturday of the month over the summer. The Lions club have stepped forward to run one on the third Saturday of the month, and two ladies from the Lions were there yesterday morning to see how everything was organised.
I don't have a car, but I decided to try a bit of de-cluttering anyway by piling everything I wanted to sell into the shopping trolley I used to wheel Islay the dog around in, with another box balanced on top. As long as I went slowly up the hill and was very careful going up and down kerbs I was okay.
I didn't sell much, but it was a very pleasant way to spend a morning, eating grapes in the sunshine and chatting to people I knew.
There were seventeen (and a half!) boots there, and a steady stream of people passing through.

As I pushed the trolley up the car park at the end of the morning, I noticed a big carousel set up in the castle grounds.
It seems there was a wedding being held there, and the carousel was for the use of the guests. They also had the City of Swansea Pipe Band! Later in the afternoon I was up in town again chatting to friends (two people passed by as we were talking and commented "You haven't moved far!") when we heard the sound of the bagpipes and headed for the Honesty Bookshop, where the Pipe Band were giving a short concert to the town from the terrace around the castle! Wonderful stuff. I'm told they marched through town later.
Men in kilts (and women!), and me without my camera!

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