Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Report from the Royal Scribe

Here's the latest information, hot off the presses from Prince Derek and the Hay Independence Movement:

Hay Independence Day

King Richard Booth declared Hay independent on April 1st 1977. Since that moment the town has been in the public eye ever after. This small vibrant kingdom squeezed between England and Wales has become a Very Important Place to visit for book lovers the world over.

On September 18th 2014, in support of our Celtic Cousins in Scotland, Hay will be voting to stay independent.

Prince Derek Fitz Booth Addyman fully supports the Divine Right of Kings. In order to ensure the succession of the monarchy (there is evidence to suggest that he is in fact the bastard son of the King) and as The Natural Born Bookseller of Hay, spurred on by a dream to become the Great Pretender he feels it is his duty to offer his allegiance to the King and the Kingdom of Hay.

The Campaign

The formal announcement was made on 1st April 2014. The run-up campaign commences in August leading up to the Vote for Independence on September 18th 2014. For all updates and information on the campaign, go to the Royal Scribe, Lesley Arrowsmith's blog: Life in Hay.

Independence Day

A Ballot Box will be strategically placed in town with a supply of envelopes, where the townsfolk will be encouraged to exercise their right to vote for the continuation of independence.


We want:

1. Formal recognition of the change in Postcode from HR3 to HOW1. The boundaries of the kingdom will be formally beaten into place with a dragon.
2. Fat Cat representation at Brussels for H.I.K.U.P. (Hay, Independent Kingdom United Party).
3. Right of Veto at the United Nations. (Just say NO!)
4. World Heritage Site Status.
Hay is already an SSSI - A Site of Special Shopping Interest - and it surely warrants World Heritage Status as the world's first Book Town and home of the true masterpiece of human creative genius - The Second Hand Book.

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