Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Sunday Drive

I happened to meet Brian, walking his Staffies, as I was coming home from work.
"Do you fancy a drive out of Hay?" he asked.
It was a lovely evening - so I said yes.
We went up to Erwood and parked by the Craft Centre, to give the dogs a run down the footpath there. Denzel got terribly excited as we got close - he likes that walk.
The people at the craft centre are in the middle of renovating a second railway carriage - the first they have is used as part of the display space for the shop. Lying on the ground nearby was an old crane, with a big new baulk of timber which looks about the right size to replace the old timber. The iron bits of the crane look okay - it just needs a new wire to go round the drum and over the big wheel, and it could probably be used again.
We went on a bit further to see if the Seven Stars at Aberedw was open, but all the curtains were drawn, so we carried on up the road to the picnic area - where the dogs had a splash about in the water.
Then we started to climb out of the river valley onto the tops - the full moon was coming up, with its bottom rim right on the line of the hilltop, looking huge (this month's full moon is another Supermoon). Sheep wandered across the road, and we could see for miles over moorland, and down into green valleys.
We stopped at Painscastle, at the Roast Ox, for a drink. I had a nice pint of Felinfoel Double Dragon. It's a long time since I was last up there - the lady behind the bar said they'd been there three years, and it's certainly longer than that since I visited. The far part of the room was in darkness, but the space round the bar filled up with customers as we stood there.
And then back to Hay - we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have such glorious scenery right on our doorstep.

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