Monday, 15 September 2014

The Honey Cafe

I remember when the main road to Brecon passed right by the front of the Honey Cafe, and took traffic right through the middle of Bronllys. Now there's a by-pass, and the Honey Cafe is hidden away behind earth banks, while the road goes down around roundabouts and also bypasses Talgarth.
I've been to the Honey Cafe before, of course. When I was part of the core group of South Powys LETS System, I remember having meetings in the beautiful garden at the back. I've been to a party in their cellar, too. Back in the 1960s it was known as the Honey Cavern, and discos were held there - the mural of pop stars of the time is still there on the wall.
But I don't think I've ever eaten there until last night.
They do Tex-Mex, and since it's miserable to go out for a meal and sit in a corner on your own, Brian invited me to come with him.
The food was delicious - we had enchiladas - and the service was friendly. They have art work from local artists around the walls, mostly for sale, I think, and all of local views. We sat in a corner with a couple of Meg Stevens' flower paintings, and in the other bar, which wasn't open for food (we just went in to have a look at the pictures) there were several very good embroideries.
So it was an evening of good company and good food in pleasant surroundings - I highly recommend it.

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