Monday, 8 September 2014

History and Car Booting in Hay

At last the car boot sale had a decent Saturday, and there was a good crowd out to make the most of the sunny weather. I picked up a variety of picture frames to frame some of my embroideries.
I headed back across town via the Castle, which was open for tours. Outside, looking down onto the Honesty Garden, were stands from Ty Mawr, the lime plaster people, who were demonstrating how they make their historically accurate plaster. There was a stone mason as well.
Inside, there was a display of the various historic nails that had been found while renovating the castle, as well as some decayed timber and a display about Deathwatch Beetle.
I met a chap who lives in Booth Gardens there, who was rather concerned about the state of the medieval town wall that goes round the edge of the little estate. When I left him, he had found someone to talk to about the best way to conserve the wall and deal with the ivy growing on it.
In the next room, Tools for Self Reliance had set up, with an artistic display of tools in a circle in the middle of the floor. There was also a tea table.
Sadly, I missed the pop-up museum, which was on the Sunday, though I'm told over a hundred people came. I also completely forgot that there was a presentation at the Library on Saturday afternoon, for the winner of the children's short story competition set up by Wild Wye Web, which was organising children's activities over the summer.
At the Old Electric Shop, there were more children's activities, making poppies to sew onto a big green backdrop, which went up to the Castle afterwards.
There was even a historic pub crawl around Hay on Sunday evening - but I was otherwise engaged then.

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