Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Something that started with American celebrities has already come to Hay - I've seen videos on Facebook of Rob Golesworthy and Steve Like taking the challenge, and I even saw one of the postmen dashing to a Post Office van to collect his dry clothes after he'd been drenched. Gareth Ratcliffe has done it too.
And now, anybody can have a go!
There's going to be an organised Ice Bucket Challenge at the War Memorial at 6.30pm on Thursday evening. The advert says to bring a bucket and a towel, but water will be provided (and ice, presumably!). I'm not sure which charity this is going to benefit, because the challenge has broadened out considerably from the original ALS/Motor Neurone Disease awareness idea.
Let's hope it's a warm evening!

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Richard Shackelford said...

Thank you - it was indeed for MND and thanks to the UK as a whole we have now raised £7 Million for our work with people living with this terrible disease.