Wednesday, 10 September 2014

So, Where's the New School, Then?

I'll believe it when I see the diggers arrive and see the foundations dug.
Actually, I still won't be sure about it until they put the roof on - and we're a long way from that happening. Again.
It was front page news in the B&R today - Fiona Howard, the headmistress of Hay School, is shocked and dismayed that the date for the new school to be built has been moved back to 2017. At this rate the County Council are going to have to spend more on patching up the old buildings, again, before the new one is built.
And the old Community Centre is now a pile of rubble - and since the new school was supposed to also incorporate the new community centre there won't be anywhere for any of the activities that used to happen there until 2017 either. Or whenever the thing finally gets built.
At least the library is still functioning - that's supposed to move into the new building too, eventually.
And the article also states that the County Council are only now putting together a bid for the funding. Shouldn't that have been done about two years ago?

What use are County Councils if they can't provide basic amenities for the people who pay the council tax?

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