Sunday, 9 August 2015

Art from Richard Evans and Eugene Fisk

I've been away from Hay for a few days (pictures to follow when I can get the camera to talk to the computer!) - but before I went, I was invited to the opening day of the new art exhibition upstairs at Brook Street Pottery.
The artists both live locally - Richard Evans goes for brightly coloured assemblages of objects, some of them witty, like the penguin on a background of a Penguin book, which was my favourite.
Eugene Fisk usually does portraits, but this time he was exhibiting a series of pen and ink sketches of Hay, which are also collected in a book called Oh Happy Hay! He was signing copies throughout the day. I really liked the picture of the Buttermarket with a Tuareg visitor from Timbuktu in the foreground, and the one of Alan Powell standing outside his carpenter's shop, saluting.
The exhibition is on throughout the summer - and they also sell interesting and beautiful pottery.

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