Sunday, 16 August 2015

Local Kickstarter Project Needs Support

Huw Parsons, local poet and writer of local books such as Planet Hay, has a new project he's working on, as part of a group called Birds of a Feather. It's called The Big Freeze, inspired by the very cold winter we had in 2010. The idea is to have Huw's poetry read in regional accents right up through the United Kingdom.
Brian of Belle Books has already been recorded in his native North Eastern accent (he was born in Wallsend), and there's one celebrity voice on the CD, also from the North East - Sting!
However, Huw needs funding to travel to other parts of the country to record local regional voices. On his Kickstarter website, it's possible to listen to some of the recordings that have already been made, as a flavour of what the whole CD will sound like when it's completed. There are only 23 days left for the Kickstarter to run, and the link is:

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