Sunday, 2 August 2015

Commemorating the War Dead in Hay

I was at work, so I missed the vintage vehicles and replica World War Two hospital, and the speeches and so on - but I did see two Chelsea pensioners in their red coats strolling down Broad Street in the morning, and a big Army truck heading for the square. Later on I could hear snatches of bagpipe music from the Swansea Pipe Band (I recognised The Scottish Soldier as one of the tunes). I was disappointed to miss the Mustang fly by, though. [edited to add that the Mustang seems not to have arrived over Hay after all, which is a shame]
Meanwhile Alan Nicholl's book, Hay at War 1914 to 1918, has been re-stocked in Broad Street Book Centre three times since it was mentioned in the B&R on Wednesday - and they only had three left again this morning!

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