Friday, 14 August 2015

Day out in Brecon

I haven't been shopping in Brecon for some time, but I fancied a change the other day and took the bus.
I met several people that I knew from Hay. One lady was sitting in the sun outside the underwear shop in the side alley opposite the church, where she was helping her daughter out, and at the bookshop I got chatting to one of the assistants who recognised me. I've bought books from the tables outside before, but I don't think I've ever been inside the bookshop - I hadn't realised what a rabbit warren it is!
The man with the tool stall was on the market, as well (we used to chat when he came to the Buttermarket). He also runs the militaria fairs in the market hall there.
I found that there are rather fewer charity shops than there used to be - the Air Ambulance shop is gone, though the Cat's Protection shop is still there - I used to get some quite good clothes from there.
I went for an apple slice at St Mary's Bakery, which does lovely cakes and pasties. I got my bread from there, too. It's a long established family bakery, and well worth supporting.
I usually treat myself to a half when I've finished shopping, so I went down to the Boar's Head at the bottom of the hill with the library on it. It seems that the pub changed hands about a year ago, but the new owners are committed to serving a variety of real ales. I tried the Twisted Sister, from Robinsons, which they said they were very pleased with, and would be getting again.

So, it was a pleasant day out, but I don't think there's much there to tempt me back very often.

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