Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hay Ho for Another Year

I'm glad to hear that the Sunday Hay Ho bus will be continuing for another year (with minor variations in the timetable). My mum is coming to stay in a few weeks - she will be catching a plane on the Saturday night, and making her way to Hay from Manchester on the Sunday - thanks to the vagaries of Sunday travel on public transport in the UK, she'll spend longer waiting at Manchester Picadilly for the train to Hereford than she will actually travelling anywhere. So it's good news that there will be a bus from Hereford to Hay at the end of the journey, rather than a £50 taxi ride.

This is what they say on the Hay Ho Facebook page:

"The good news is that we have secured Hay Ho! for another year. There will be a few small revisions to the timetable. The bus will now leave Hereford Railway Station at 1015,1315 and 1615 to allow better connections with other incoming buses at Hereford. It will return from Hay-on-Wye (beneath Castle) at 1125,1455 and 1725. The new timetable will start on Sunday September 6th.

To kick off the second year of operation we will be holding our first annual gathering at 1130 at the Swan Hotel, Church Street, Hay-on-Wye on Sunday September 6th.

We’ll discuss the future of the service and how it can be improved in the coming months. The meeting will last about an hour and complimentary tea and coffee will be served."

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