Sunday, 17 July 2016

Beer on the Wye XII

They have a bigger tent this year, with more space around the stage area. They're so proud of this that a tent appears on this year's logo!
Saturday was fine enough to sit outside though - and I took my little stool along.
We spent most of our time this year around the World Beers bar, chatting to the volunteers there while drinking Icelandic Einstok toasted porter, and Einstock White Ale, which is a wheat beer. Both were delicious, and I'll look out for them again. Then we moved right round the world to Japan for the Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout, the strongest beer we tried over the afternoon, at 7%.
We also tried William Mucklow's Dark Mild, Batemans XB, Fat Cat Bitter, Nethergate Growler, Darkness Stout from Exeter and Helm Bar's Bandersnatch (just because of the name!). Sadly, Adnam's Mosaic Pale Ale had already run out on the Friday.
All the beers we tried were good - of course, we were only able to sample a small proportion of the 125 beers, 137 ciders and perries (over 100 different ones from Herefordshire alone!) and the 40 or so World Beers on offer.
There were various options for food on site - we went for the pig roast.
The band on Saturday afternoon was Slippery Slope, a mix of accordian, fiddle, steel drum and guitar. They played Klezmer, Gypsy, Folk and Ska music - it was very pleasant to sit on the riverbank, sipping good beer and listening to good music for the afternoon.
When we felt we'd drunk enough beer, we headed back into Hereford, and stopped for a snack at the new cafe near the cathedral, Bodega, which does a very good quiche.

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