Sunday, 31 July 2016

Computer shopping in Hereford

I came to the conclusion recently that I want a basic laptop to back up files from my desktop computer, and to work on my stories when I'm not sitting at the desk. Basically, a memory stick with a keyboard. A small amount of research made me think that a Lenovo IdeaPad may be the right one to go for.
So I set off for Hereford. I got ink for my printer at the shop near the cathedral, where they're very helpful, and then I went looking for computer shops in the town centre. I'd looked online first - but neither of the shops I'd found on the map seemed to exist on the ground. However, there is a shop that sells iPhones and other computing stuff (very swish) on the main square, and there is a shop near Peacocks that sells a small amount of Technology along with home furnishings, called Bright House. Neither of those had anything like what I was looking for.
So I also had a look in the second hand shop that sells a lot of second hand DVDs (no luck there), and finally ended up at Cash Generator. That's where I got my camera from, and some really good advice from the sales assistant.
This time, it was a male supervisor who helped me out - and talked me out of buying the Lenovo laptop they had on display and into doing a little more research.

While I was at that end of town, I thought it was time to have a look at the Beer in Hand, a pub which used to be a launderette, on the other side of the ring road. I've been hearing some good things about it.
It goes back a lot further than I'd thought, and has been tastefully converted into a pub - a long, narrow pub. The barrels are near the back, and there's a wide selection. I went for the Butcombe Yeti, which was hoppy and bright and just what I needed after a long trek round town.
There was a sign up saying that they want to encourage community groups to meet there, too. They already have a book club and a craft club meeting there, and they held a mini beer festival at the same time as Beer on the Wye, called Beer on the Eign as they are on Eign Street. I think they've had live music there too.

So next time I go into Hereford, it'll be the long trek out to PC World to see what they have on offer....


Anonymous said...

Try HayTek in Backfold. Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Has Tim Pugh stopped selling computers? He has always been excellent.

Eigon said...

Thanks to Anonymous, who suggested a Dell (with details) - and I'll certainly be going round to talk to Tim Pugh as well.