Friday, 5 August 2016

Plans to Consider

I've now seen the plans for the new primary school, which Gareth Ratcliffe has linked to from the Cllr Gareth Ratcliffe News Updates Facebook page.
I can see why Rob Golesworthy thought it looked like a shed.
It's completely different from the last plan that everyone was consulted on, consisting of one building with classrooms on each side and a broad corridor down the middle, with a separate building to the side with the hall.
There is, of course, no mention of the library or community centre provision that were incorporated into the last plans for the primary school. I'm not sure what's happening to the swimming pool, either. They're certainly not building a new one.
I'm sure the new plans will be displayed for consultation in due course.

Meanwhile, there will be a consultation about the Hay Town Plan on Thursday 11th August at the school. It will run from 10.30am to 6.30pm and councillors will be available throughout the day to discuss the details. There will also be free parking available in the school grounds for anyone attending. The full town plan is available on the Hay Council website, under Projects.

And finally, the application has gone in for the building of 19 houses on the old community centre site, by Wales and West Housing Association - but this is only an outline application seeking approval for access (as it's on a difficult corner to get into). The BBNP planning number is 15/13047/OUT.


Emma Balch said...

Hi Lesley, I looked at the plans that Gareth posted and there is a community hall and a (small) public library, and it says the existing pool will be kept. Emma

Eigon said...

Thanks - those details didn't exactly leap out at me, and it's still a far cry from the last set of plans that were offered for consultation.

Emma Balch said...

Hi Lesley, I noticed them quite clearly on the drawing, but I am not endorsing the new plans, but I did clock those three things.

I don't think people would use the library like they do now if it is moved to the school site. The only exception would be parents with young children, particularly those at Hay School.

Changing tack, I was surprised that your blog didn't get a mention in the town plan. I think you have done a great service to the town, promoting it and giving insights into Hay as a vibrant community and tourist destination. As you know, reading your blog was a key factor in us moving to Hay from Buenos Aires.


Eigon said...

I knew I should have put my glasses on when I looked at the plans!
And thank you for your kind words, Emma!