Sunday, 28 August 2016

Birds of a Feather

I've been very slow at getting round to listening to this CD I was given by Huw Parsons. He was performing his poetry during Hay Festival, with a guitarist friend, live for BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, who had a stand at the Festival.
There's a bit of an interview, talking about Huw's CD The Big Freeze, in which Huw's poetry was read by a variety of people with regional accents, including Sting! (He did the North East).
There are several poems on the CD as well, including one about Father Richard of Hay St Mary's, debating about which car would be suitable for him to buy.
Huw has actually been quite prolific in his recordings - there are 15 CDs so far, available from They include Being Welsh and Another Night in Merthyr, Loose Leaves, The Big Freeze and Jam Tomorrow.
At his best, Huw Parsons is very good indeed, and his worst is pretty fair, too!

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