Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Acoustic Session at the Swan at Hay

There's a new manager at the Swan, and so they tried a one off acoustic session last night. It was led by Bob Evans, who is in charge of the Wednesday night sessions at Baskerville Hall, and several of the Basky regulars came along, as well as a family from South Wales who have been a few times - he plays guitar and bodhran, she sings and the son plays fiddle. I think they call themselves Occasional Domestics.
Although Bob had said that he had not negotiated his usual chips and free drink for performers deal, chips arrived on every table at 8pm, when the session started, and more arrived later, with bread and butter. After that, cake appeared on the bar, but not many people tried that - I think they may have been full of chips!
We were in the back bar, which has changed since I was last there - they used to have a pool table in the middle. That's now gone, though the lights that used to hang over the table are still there, and leather sofas have appeared.
And it was a lovely evening, of good music (and me doing Stately as a Galleon and a reading from Gervase Phinn's book about being a Yorkshire school inspector, and Susan singing Gilbert and Sullivan). There's always a good variety - one chap who plays the fiddle actually works at the Swan, so he was included in the music making while he was working, and the German lady with the harp came along too.
And here we all are, seen from where Bob was sitting:

Phil is singing, centre, in this view.
And at the end of the evening, I could walk home, in company with Brian, Jane and Susan - all of us humming different tunes!


Anonymous said...

Did they charge £10 a person as it is a business?
Well that was their line last year

Eigon said...

No, they didn't charge. As I said at the top of the post, it's a new manager, and I presume they have realised that the policy of charging groups hasn't been working for them.