Friday, 26 August 2016

Patmos, Iona.... and Hay?

I met an interesting couple who were customers in the shop a few days ago (I noticed them first because the chap, Dan Siegel, has an extremely impressive moustache!)
They were enjoying their holiday in Hay, both for the books and the countryside, and it turns out that they run GoodWorld Journeys, from San Francisco. They've been organising holidays for twenty five years - originally on Patmos, and now also on Iona - which they describe as salon-style gatherings, with social time, meaningful conversations and excursions. They appear to have mainly literary themes - three gatherings on Patmos this year had the titles Revelations in the Art of Memoir, Discovering and Telling Great Stories, and Screenwriting in Greece, with visiting speakers.
They're thinking of extending their range to include gatherings in or near Hay - they were thinking about local hotels on their last day. They also mention sacred places on their website. Hay might not be quite as numinous as Iona, or have the religious associations of Patmos, where St. John wrote the Book of Revelations, but we do have Llantony Abbey within easy reach, and lots of sacred wells and beautiful medieval churches.
They have a website at

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