Thursday, 18 August 2016

Chicken Farm News

I mentioned the planning application for a local farmer to erect chicken sheds in my post about local government (our local MP is in favour of it). Someone has kindly updated me on the state of play at the moment.
The farm involved is Lower House Farm in Clyro, and the farmer there has just put in new plans for the entrance to the field where he wants the sheds to be built.
The objections to the plans are as follows:

1 Potential affect on the River Wye SAC (Special Area Of Conservation)
which has not been adequately protected by the proposed development

2 Visibility. The first eyesore you see when entering the Gateway to mid
Wales (Hay on Wye) on the A438

3 Road Danger. Access is on an S bend where there has been a number of
serious accidents and someone killed there in Summer 2014

4 Impact on local businesses, Tourism eg Black Mountain View Caravan Park
225 meters in the prevailing wind from the proposed site with the Odour
(ammonia) other B and B,s and local residents at Lower House and Bronydd

5 Potential affect on ancient and veteran trees and local woods (Wet Covert
250 meters away consisting of the oldest trees in Radnorshire) and lichen

6 Affects on local wildlife eg bats, dormice, otters, badgers, etc.

I'm sure Radnorshire Wildlife Trust will be concerned about numbers 1, 5 and 6 on the list.

The link for objections to the plans is:


Anonymous said...

The poultry farm in the article is between the The Hollybush and Black Mountain Lodge and by the side of the B4350. I have never heard anyone complain about it and according to the environmental permit conditions I can see why. Please note that the farm mentioned is in Powys, not Herefordshire

I'm not for or against, just saying that there are two sides to every point of view.

Deb Clark said...

The farm mentionecd above frequently stinks.
Deb Clark